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On weekdays I usually get up at six o’clock because school starts at half past seven.

I go to school by bus. The lessons normally start at eight o’clock. On an average day there are six lessons with fifteen minutes break in between. The lessons last for forty-five minutes. I like my school because the teachers are all very kind and well-qualified. Our school is a big-storey building with a large schoolyard and a park around it. On the ground floor you can find the hall, some classrooms and the school canteen. Most classrooms are on the first and second floors. Our school has also got some special laboratories such as language, music, physics, chemistry and arts. We have a small school gymnasium and different playing fields around the building. After school I go home, have a chat with my friends and sit down to study for the next day’s lessons.


In a typical school system in many countries, there are two kinds of schools: state school, which are run by the government, and private school. Private schools are often stricter than state school, and in many of them the pupils have to wear uniforms.

Both state and private school are often mixed or are for boys only or girls only. There are also some schools, usually private, where the pupils sleep at school, which are called boarding school.

The boss of a school is called the head. In some religious schools there are also nuns and priest who work as teachers.


At university you can do courses in many different subjects. Some students prefer to do an arts course and others prefer a science course. In Britain, it usually takes three or four years to get a university degree. When they finish their course, some people stay at university and do research. The most important teachers at a university are called professors.


 I am a student and I attend the secondary grammar school. After the nursery I went to primary school, where I studied for six years. At the age of 13 I was accepted at a secondary grammar school where I am studying at the moment. I am afraid I don’t do very well at school. I prefer going out with friends and listening not metal music. I am in the fifth year of secondary school. I don’t particularly enjoy being a schoolboy. Firstly, I don’t like studying and secondly I hate doing the homework they give us every day. I like doing what I am interested in and dislike being told what to do. I don’t like literature. I get on all right with most of my classmates. I think the teacher-student relationship is ideal in our school. I don’t like all my teachers, only a few. Normally we have six periods a day. My form teacher is a nice woman of about 40. She doesn’t keep her distance and is kind to everybody. She is teaching English. We hardly ever speak Hungarian unless we do some translation. When we learn a new grammar structure we do quite a lot of drills and grammar exercises.

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