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If you want to something to read, you can either buy a book from a bookshop or borrow one from a library.

You can either read a novel (a book which tells an invented story) or a biography (which tells the story of another person's life) or an autobiography (the writer's own life story). If you are a student, you may want to buy a textbook (a book used at school or university). A book which sells a lot of copies is called a best-seller. If you want recommendations for which book to choose, you can read the reviews in the paper, where people who have read the book      give their opinion. A book has the title (the name of the book) and the name of the author (the writer) on the cover (the front of the book). It is divided into different parts called chapters.

A book I have just read is Love Story by the American author Eric Segal. It's about a young American boy called Oliver who meets a girl called Jenny. Oliver is studying, and he meets Jenny in the university library. They haven't got very much in common. He's a rich boy who likes doing sport while Jenny is poor and she plays music. At first they're unfriendly with each other any they argue a lot but later they fall in love. They make plans for there future together but very soon they find out that Jenny is seriously ill and they haven't got nearly as much time as they thought...

It's a tragic and moving love story and I enjoyed reading it. I recommend it.

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